Joint Service Open House

C-47 Skytrain (now DC-3)

You could pay $2.00 and board the DC-3 to look at the interior; I thought that was a good deal.

You can click on the right-hand picture to enlarge it; use your browser's "back" command to return here. According to her nametag, the woman is Gloria Dalton, a volunteer for Carolinas Aviation Museum (which owns the DC-3). She was the host for the onboard tours of the DC-3. She is also a licensed pilot and actually flew the DC-3 once.

The left-hand picture is looking forward towards the cockpit; the right-hand picture is looking aft towards the door. The seat arrangement is non-standard. One thing you can't tell from the picture is the angle of the floor. Unlike modern airliners, the DC-3 is a taildragger and the floor is steeply pitched; it felt very odd walking around inside.

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