Interesting Places To Visit In Flight Simulator

There's pretty good scenery at Niagara Falls, NY; fly west from Niagara Falls International. In the left-hand picture, you can see the observation tower at left and the boat Maid of the Mist VII at extreme right. In the right-hand picture, you can see a yellow elevator car on the side of the observation tower. Both the elevator cars and the boat are animated special effects. The elevator cars go up and down, and the boat bobs up and down and cruises around on the water below the falls. These two animated special effects keep running even when you pause Flight Simulator. The falls themselves are also an animated effect, generating splashing and mist, but the falls stop when you pause the program.

Two views from inside the cockpit of the Piper Cub.

The people on the boat are like cardboard cutouts; they are flat with no depth.   Trying to climb to the top of the falls; I was successful, but just barely.

Winter view, I think at sunrise. You can click on this picture to enlarge it; use your browser's "back" command to return.  

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