Interesting Places To Visit In Flight Simulator

A night flight past the big and garish building on the grounds of Los Angeles International Airport (California). The building itself is quite large, so the Cub can actually fly through the structure of the building.

Flying over the rim of Crater Lake, north-northwest of Klamath Falls International Airport, Oregon. The small island in the middle is Wizard Island.   Approaching Glen Canyon Dam, on the Colorado River near Page, Arizona. The view is halfway decent when flying upriver (as shown), but pretty poor when flying downriver. The water is at the same level on both sides of the dam. On the upstream (reservoir) side of the dam, there's a bit of fake water floating in space to simulate the level of the filled reservoir, but it doesn't continue for long. To give the dam something to abut on the otherwise flat terrain, there are two big, fake-looking sandstone buttresses, with the dam in-between. This whole assembly is just sitting on the flat terrain.

Hoover Dam, on the Colorado River east of Henderson, Nevada, is much better—the terrain and water levels are much more realistic. In the left-hand picture, though, note that the road that should cross the dam crest instead plunges off the cliff at the right side. Thats ok, before you could drive over the edge, you'd crash into the high-tension transmission tower that is planted right in the middle of the road. The right-hand picture is an extreme wide-angle view (press "-" repeatedly) so it shows some distortion of the perspective. You can click on the left-hand picture to enlarge it; use your browser's "back" command to return.

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