Interesting Places To Visit In Flight Simulator

While flying across southern Patagonia en route from Punta Arenas (Chile) to Cape Horn, I came across a strange airport sunken into a rectangular depression in the ground. On the map it was listed as Lago Fagnano North, which is in Argentina. I suspect that the weirdness is due to a conflict between the terrain elevation database and the airport elevation database. Somehow, Flight Simulator thinks that the airport runway should below the surface of the terrain, so it neatly excavates a huge pit and places the runway at the correct elevation.   Flying past Monte Sarmiento in Tierra Del Fuego (Chile) at sunset (about S54*27, W70*50). Flight Simulator renders the mountain much more smoothly than the real mountain, which is intensely craggy and covered with snow and ice, without any trees on top (I found a picture of the real mountain on the internet, check it out.).

In this picture, I'm flying as far north as Flight Simulator will allow: 89 degrees 30.00 minutes (so you can't fly over the North Pole). Looking farther north, you can see that the scenery on the horizon starts to fall apart into funny polygons. You can also switch to top-down view and zoom out until you see the "seam" where the world scenery ends. When you reach the northern limit and keep trying to fly north, what happens instead is that the airplane slues sideways. The latitude doesn't get any bigger and the longitude keeps sluing around. In the arctic, Flight Simulator uses a weird repeating pattern as icecap scenery which isn't very convincing.   This is the Oresund Bridge, a cable-stayed bridge between Copenhagen, Denmark, and Malmo, Sweden. I was actually looking for the Tivoli Gardens, a big amusement park in Copenhagen, Denmark. The amusement park wasn't present, but while flying around, I found this bridge.

Other Places You Can Visit

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