Helen Avalynne Tawes Garden

A pavilion in the center of the park.   A park bench next to the pavilion.

A bronze sculpture of a swan, next to the pavilion. The sculpture is visible in the pavilion picture, just above the big planter in the foreground. You can click on either picture to enlarge it; use your browser's "back" command to return here. The swan sculpture had a plaque with a poem:

               The Mirror

Between the woods the afternoon
   Is fallen in a golden swoon.
The sun looks down from quiet skies
   To where a quiet water lies,
And silent trees stoop down to trees.

And there I saw a white swan make
   Another white swan in the lake;
And, breast to breast, both motionless,
   They waited for the wind's caress...
And all the water was at ease.

                                  A.A. Milne

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