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[Rocky coastline by an anchorage]   [Sailing in light air]
Rocky coastline by an anchorage. Despite all the rocks, I recall there was a sandy beach out of the picture to the left.   Sailing in light air. Every now and then, we would get enough wind to justify setting the spinnaker. But most of the time, we motored.

[Rocky coastline by an anchorage]   [Another rocky coastline by an anchorage]
Rocky coastline by an anchorage. This scene is brilliantly illuminated by the orange setting sun. We anchored fairly close to shore, and could easily see the Saguaro cacti growing on the hill. The rocky hill has got to be a pretty tough environment for plants—hardly any soil, hardly any rain, very high temperatures.   Another rocky coastline by an anchorage.

[Sunset on the placid Sea of Cortez]   [Mountainous coastline with beach]
Sunset on the placid Sea of Cortez.   Mountainous coastline with beach.

[Anchorage at La Paz]
This is the anchorage at La Paz, where I got off to return to Maryland. Although the anchorage looks peaceful, there are strong reversing currents. I remember my friend had some trouble after I left when his anchor dragged.

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