Sailing to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean 1500

Visiting The Baths: The Baths (continued)

At The Baths, dinghies are not permitted to land on the beach. This is mostly due to the swell that surges into the beach, plus the beach congestion that would result. While I was there, several people were picked up or dropped off by dinghies; they had to wade to/from shore. This man waded out and climbed aboard, then the dinghy motored out to the anchorage.

This dinghy dropped off a man who started to wade ashore. He was swept up and carried along by an incoming wave, although he made it to shore without any real problem.   Boats in the anchorage. Click on the picture to see a bigger version; use your browser's "back" command to return here.

This sign was posted on the beach to warn visitors. I thought the "High Surf" logo was amusing, with a colossal wave hurling a swimmer forward.

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