Sailing to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean 1500

Heading Home: Flying Home

A Boeing 757-232 operated by Delta (registration number N690DL, built in 1998).  

A Douglas DC-3 built in 1946, which makes it more than 60 years old! (registration number N135FS, operated by Four Star Aviation).  

Shortly after I took the previous picture, they fired up the DC-3 and took off for points unknown.  

An Aerospatiale ATR 72-212 operated by American Eagle (registration number N270AT, built in 1991).   A Boeing 757-223 operated by American Airlines (N645AA, 1991).

This is my US Airways flight arriving. It's a Boeing 767-201, registration number N246AY, built in 1987.  

Looking out the window on the flight home. Click on the picture to see a bigger version; use your browser's "back" command to return here.  

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