Sailing to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean 1500

Portsmouth and Tidewater Marina (continued)

Norfolk Cruise Ship Terminal

I mentioned above that cruise ships can dock in Norfolk along the Elizabeth River waterfront. When they're done visiting and want to head back out to sea, the ships have to turn around in the Elizabeth River, which is not a very wide river. To do this, they first move into the center of the river, then they turn 180 degrees using only their bow and stern thrusters, no tugs are used. When they are halfway through the turn, they seem to span the whole river and no other traffic can pass. I have some pictures of the cruise ship Carnival Victory turning around (it's nearly 900 feet long), plus two pictures of the cruise ship Grand Princess.

This is actually two pictures spliced together, since the ship was too big to get it all in one picture.  

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