Sailing to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean 1500


The shredded jib as seen from the forward cabin while under way.   The shredded jib as seen from the dock after arriving in Tortola.

On any lengthy voyage, especially through rough weather on a recently-purchased boat, you will have problems—hopefully not too many, but they are inevitable. The marine environment can be rough on the boat's gear, and with an unfamiliar boat the crew can make mistakes. On this voyage, we had our share of boat problems, and we made our share of mistakes.

I need to point out that I'm sharing this list of problems not to criticize or complain, but to educate and inform other people about the type of problems that can occur on an ocean passage. There are no perfect boats or perfect crew, so any voyage is always a compromise. We have to assume that the boat and crew do the best they can, even if the results are less than perfect. Also, all the opinions I express here are my own personal opinions, other people may have different opinions.

I have organized the list of problems into several categories:

For each category, I have listed the problems in approximate order of severity (in my opinion).

Things That Broke or Problems That Occurred During the Trip

Big problems with significant consequences:
Moderate problems with some consequences:
Relatively small problems with minor consequences:

(Problems continue on the next page.)

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