Sailing to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean 1500

Passage Notes (continued)

Jeff fighting a tuna, which turned out to be the one that got away: the fish flipped himself off the gaff and took off. (Greta took these pictures.)

Greta working on one of Jeff's lures, trying to fit the proper sized hook. Although it looked like a decent fake fish, it didn't catch anything.  



Greta fishing from the stern.  

Fishing While En Route

We had mixed results fishing, both good and bad. Both Greta and Jeff are into fishing, and Jeff had bought a load of fishing gear before we left. Unfortunately the lures the salesman sold him were singularly unappetizing to fish; he had nary a nibble. On the other hand, Greta had brought her two magic lures, both of which promptly caught fish. The first fish was a tasty tuna that Jeff reeled in, but at the last minute the fish jumped off the gaff and took off. Too bad he also snapped the line and took Greta's magic lure with him. Days later, we were trolling with Greta's other magic lure and there was another hit. This time it must have been big, because the line parted and the second magic lure was carried away. So the good news was that we caught fish, but the bad news was that they all escaped uneaten.

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