Sailing to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean 1500

Caribbean 1500 Required Equipment List

The event organizers had distributed a "required equipment list" and all boats were expected to have the items. Compliance was checked during the safety inspections, but not necessarily rigorously. For example, we said our compass had been adjusted and had a deviation table, but we didn't have to show the deviation table (which didn't actually exist).

As an aside, I noted that the paper copy of the required equipment list was prominently copyrighted by Cruising Rally Association, so theoretically I shouldn't tell you about the details that were on their list. But I find it hard to believe that they would seriously object to a full discussion of the details as they applied to Night Heron, so I'm going to discuss the details anyway. I was surprised that the list was copyrighted, since in my opinion safety details aren't the type of intellectual property that should be restricted. I think that boaters ought to be willing to freely share their advice about safety, because that's how we can all make boating safer. I think a copyright is better used for things like software, where improper copying and distribution would cause financial harm to the creator.

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