Sailing to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean 1500

Visiting Road Town: Around Town (continued)

Sir Olva Georges Plaza, located between Main Street and Waterfront Drive across the street from the ferry terminal. This is the location of the Police Department (out of view to the right) and the Post Office (in the right background).   The front of a shop on the plaza. It's closed up because it's Sunday, and most shops are closed.

The Police Department.   The Post Office, located in the Old Administration Building, which was built in 1866. According to a plaque on the building, "The patio of the Old Administration Building was the site of many a Government proclamation especially as the market was originally situated across the street where the Sir Olva Georges Plaza is now located. Festival queens were traditionally crowned from the patio by the Commissioner (now referred to as the Governor) from as early as 1954. The last festival queen to have been crowned there was Pearlette Christopher (now Penn) in 1961."

Another view of the closed shop.   This is a private alleyway between two building near the plaza (I took the picture between the bars of a gate).

Just down Waterfront Street from the plaza, workmen are digging a trench and laying pipe, even though it's Sunday. I'm guessing they do this work on Sunday because the traffic is so light; on a weekday it would cause a big traffic jam.  

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