Sailing to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean 1500

Visiting Road Town: Village Cay Marina

The street entrance of Village Cay Marina. Note that in the islands, "cay" is pronounced "key", so you should pronounce it as "Village Key Marina".  

This view is from our dock looking back towards Road Harbor. You can see a couple of giant cruise ships docked in the distance.  

A closer view of the mega yacht that was docked at Village Cay Marina.   Sailboats at the marina, as seen from shore. Click on the picture to see a bigger version; use your browser's "back" command to return here.

Another view of the marina from Night Heron's dock.  

The small anchorage in the basin next to the marina.   Condos and apartments nestled in the green hills of Tortola, adjacent to the basin containing the marina and anchorage.

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