Sailing to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean 1500

Starting Out (continued)

Pictures from the start of the 2007 Caribbean 1500:

The left-hand boat is Kikuyu, a Hallberg-Rassy 37; I couldn't tell the name of the right-hand boat. Click on the right-hand picture to see a bigger version; use your browser's "back" command to return here.

I don't know the name of the Island Packet at left (there were several in this year's event); the boat at right is Beckoning, a Catalina 470. You can see Thimble Shoal Light in the background of the left-hand picture.

The container ship APL New York passes the Caribbean 1500 fleet, on its way up Thimble Shoal Channel from the ocean. The ship is 965 feet long, 106 feet wide, displaces 67,170 tons, and was built in 2005.  


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