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Satellite Weather Images

This is an example of a satellite weather image, reduced in size to fit on this page (click the image to see it actual size, use your browser's "back" command to return here). This image is for 0800 UTC November 2, 2007 and shows Hurricane Noel heading up the coast.  

These are color-enhanced satellite weather images for southeastern North America, the western North Atlantic, the entire Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, and northern South America (including Central America). The images have outlines around the land masses plus latitude/longitude lines. All the images are courtesy of the Atmospheric Science Program at Ohio State University (internet link below).

I have a whole set of images covering 0800 UTC November 2, 2007 through 1200 UTC November 21, 2007 with six images per day (every four hours). The images are "GIF" files that run about 230kb each. Here's a list of all the images I have available on my web site. Unfortunately, I haven't found an internet source for archived satellite weather images. The site where I got these images deletes them after 30 days, so they are no longer available. However, you can get recent satellite images, see the internet link below.

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