Sailing to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean 1500

Wind/Wave Analysis Charts

This is an example of a wind/wave analysis chart, reduced in size to fit on this page (click the chart to see it actual size, use your browser's "back" command to return here). This chart is for 0000 UTC November 2, 2007 and shows Hurricane Noel heading up the coast.  

These charts show the significant wave height (in feet) and the wind speed/direction for the western North Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico (unfortunately I wasn't able to find archived wind/wave charts that included the Caribbean). All the charts are courtesy of the National Climatic Data Center (internet link below).

I have a set of charts covering 0000 UTC November 2, 2007 to 1800 UTC November 20, 2007 (November 18th is missing) with four charts per day (every six hours). The charts are "GIF" files that run about 100kb each. Here's a list of all the charts I have available on my web site; if you want other charts, see the internet link below. By the way, as publications of the U.S. government, these charts are not copyrighted and can be freely copied, see the internet link below.

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