Sailing to Easter Island

Arriving at Easter Island (continued)

The story continues after this page of pictures.

Looking at the northernmost volcano.   Looking at the center of the island after the sun came out. Along the shoreline you can just make out several moai standing in a park.

A closer view of the moai, as seen from the anchorage.   Another volcano. Although it's hard to see in this small picture, the town's cemetery is located in a grassy park along the shoreline.

The central part of Hanga Roa. Although it's hard to see in this small picture, right in the middle of the picture, there's a gap in the rocky shoreline which is the entrance to a miniscule harbor for a few small fishing skiffs. Sometimes there are breaking waves across the harbor entrance; the surge travels into the harbor.   The northern part of Hanga Roa.

This peninsula of land just south of Hanga Roa is the site of the Armada de Chile compound.  

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