The Voyage to Nowhere

Summary of Boat Problems

First of all, let me say right away that this information should not be taken as a complaint or a whine, merely as a brief technical description of all the boat problems we've had to deal with during my stay on Nine of Cups. I list both major and minor problems, but I don't list any regular maintenance items—all the items on the list were unexpected. The information is intended to educate and enlighten the reader as to the amount of boat work a typical voyager might encounter during a three-month cruise. David and Marcie have a somewhat sophisticated boat, with lots of gear and gadgets, but it's certainly no more sophisticated or complicated than a typical live-aboard long-distance cruising boat. And with their high standards, they keep the boat in pretty good shape and are diligent about fixing problems—less well-tended boats could have many more problems.

Electrical System (including electronics)

Plumbing System

Propulsion System (Engine and Drive Train)

Fuel System

Steering System

Anchoring System

Dinghy and Outboard

Sails and Rigging System

Deck, Coachroof, Hull




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