Visiting Ecuador

A Day Trip To Ballenita And Farallón Dillon (continued)

Here are more pictures of Farallón Dillon. I'll continue the story on the next page.

I think this carving represents the patron saint of the sea.   Here's the bathtub with the mermaid painted on the side. You'd have a heck of a time bringing this souvenir home on the airplane.

Interior view of the gallery.   Another painting and ship's wheel. This is in another building full of STUFF.

This carved wood pirate is in the bar/restaurant building.   A roomful of stuff, part of the bar/restaurant building.

This is the bar. The door to the restroom (at left) is a watertight bulkhead door from a ship.   More stuff, including a mermaid statue, a statue of King Neptune, an Alaskan moosehead, and bust of Christopher Columbus, etc.

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