Visiting Ecuador

The Good Ship Nine of Cups

A stylized picture of a Nine of Cups nameboard (there's one on each side of the bow). David hand-carved the nameboards and finished them off by applying gold leaf. The nameboard doesn't have the rectangular gold frame, I added that with a picture-editing program.  

I have some basic information about Nine of Cups, David and Marcie's floating home. Their boat is a Liberty 45 cutter, which is a rugged yet handsome sailboat that they have outfitted very well for blue-water cruising. Here are some highlights:

On deck



Pictures of Nine of Cups

I have included only a few boat pictures here, the rest are scattered around the remainder of this web site. If you want the full photo tour, take Marcie and David's "nickel tour" on their web site at

Nine of Cups med-moored at the marina after launching but before leaving for the Galápagos.  

Stern view of Nine of Cups moored at the marina. Our neighbors are Cosmos to the left (hailing from Hermosa Beach, California) and Belair to the right (hailing from Hamilton, Bermuda). By the way, Nine of Cups hails from Denver, Colorado—sure must have been bumpy sailing over the Rockies!  

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