Visiting Easter Island (Boat-Based)

Visiting the Simpson

Marcie and David on their way to the sub in the commando's dinghy.  

Come 3:00 p.m. it was time for us to visit the submarine; by prior agreement Marcie and David would visit first while I tended Nine of Cups, then we would switch places. The commandos arrived and pulled their dinghy alongside, then Marcie and David climbed in and the dinghy rapidly motored towards the sub. Meanwhile I watched from Nine of Cups and took pictures.

When they reached the sub, the dinghy nosed into the hull and David and Marcie carefully climbed up the rungs on the side of the hull. Once on deck, they were greeted by a navy official, then they all walked forward along the narrow deck and climbed down the hatch. A little while later, I got a surprising radio call—David called me on the sub's VHF radio and asked me to get a blank floppy disk from a locker and bring it with me when I visited the sub. After a while, I saw Marcie and David re-emerge and walk aft towards the sub's sail; they shook hands with the navy official, boarded the dinghy, and were whisked back to Nine of Cups.

Marcie climbing up the rungs in the sub's hull.  

The guide, Marcie, and David about to go down the hatch.  

The sub was open for public visiting and the commandos shuttled lots of people back and forth.  

David shakes hands with the guide while Marcie prepares to board the dinghy.   Arriving back at Nine of Cups.

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