Visiting Easter Island (Land-Based)

Town of Hanga Roa (continued)

The story continues after three pages of pictures.

A couple of small shops in the business district.  

An internet cafe, in-between a convenience store and a restaurant.   The island's only gas station, on the south side of town near the airport. The posted prices are in pesos per liter: 93-octane gas 497 ($3.05 US per gallon), diesel 313 ($1.92 US per gallon), kerosene 266 ($1.63 US per gallon). Of course this was in June 2004; I'm sure it's more expensive now.

I was examining this pay phone next to the gas station while I drank a soda, and I thought the posted prices were pretty funny. In the right-hand picture, it looks like the monopolistic phone company is robbing you blind by the choices you get: $500, $100, $50. I'm glad I didn't need to make a phone call! Actually, the prices are in Chilean pesos, and converting to US dollars they look a lot better: 80 cents, 16 cents, and 8 cents—not a rip-off after all.

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