Visiting Easter Island (Land-Based)

Town of Hanga Roa (continued)

This large stone sculpture represents a rei miro, which is a small carved wooden plate worn over the chest. The sculpture is in a small park in front of the municipal government building.  

I walked down to the harbor for a few more pictures, then headed over to the Entel office (the telephone company). I established that calling the U.S. costs 750 pesos per minute, about $1.20 US, which is quite expensive. No hour-long chats with Mom at this price. The clerk also provided the prefix digits I needed to dial to make an international call to the U.S.

I went into the phone booth and dialed out, but as so often happens when Mom is out of town, I just got the Nextel recording saying the subscriber is unavailable. Mom is on vacation in the upper Midwest, and her Nextel cell phone seems to have very poor coverage in that area. This has been a continuing problem with Nextel, and in my opinion makes them a poor choice if you're traveling all over the country. Anyway, there was no charge and I thanked the clerk for her help.

Back at the residencial I took a long nap, then updated my journal and went out for dinner. I made the same mistake I made the other evenings by heading out too early. Even at 6:00 p.m. most restaurants are still closed. I went to the supermarket, then back to Vai Kapua. Finally at nearly 7:30 p.m., I went out again and ate at the Cafe Ra'a, where I had been hoping to eat for some time. The decor and ambiance were quite nice, if a little "California New-Age Yuppie-ish". The food was only so-so. The soup was rather bland with overcooked vegetables. Tonight's special was roast beef, but I should have known better and ordered something else. Steak on the island tends to be tough, which it was, plus they overcooked it. Dinner was 9,000 pesos including a beer.

I walked back to the hotel through a chilly rain then went through the usual ordeal of packing—"Oh, no! It's not going to fit! How did I get it all in before?" Use the force, Luke—cram it in tighter! It finally packed up OK and I went to bed early.

The adventure wraps up in the next section as I fly back to Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

Here are some closer views of the sculpture. The craftsmanship was first-rate.

The ceramic tile I bought as a souvenir.  

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