Visiting Easter Island (Land-Based)

Hotu Iti Cove and Ahu Tongariki (continued)

This Beach Morning Glory was growing amongst the lava rocks at the beach of Hotu Iti cove.

While I was at Hotu Iti there was a brief sprinkle that left sparkling water droplets on every leaf.

Hotu Iti also had a cave but I didn't go in to explore.  

With the last picture snapped and desperate for something to drink, I hightailed it back to Hanga Roa along the coast road, slowing twice for horses on the road and once for cattle. On the way, to my surprise, I saw Nine of Cups motoring towards Hotu Iti. Again I tried to raise them on the radio, but again no luck.

Back in Hanga Roa, I located the island's only gas station and filled up the tank (as required by the rental agreement). I had worried about a big gas bill since gas was very costly (497 pesos per liter, which comes out to $3.05 US per gallon), but it only cost 4,000 pesos (about $6.50 US). I got a Coke at the small convenience store and gulped it down in seconds.

After dropping off the car, I walked back to Vai Kapua and told Luci I'd be staying three more days. I also asked her about doing laundry (no problema) so I gave her a modest amount, enough to tide me over the next few days. The big wash is coming later, when I get back to Baltimore. In fact, most of my dirty underwear is so awful looking I would be too embarrassed to let anyone else wash it.

The last tasks of the day were to recharge my gizmos for tomorrow (my camera and digital wallet) and to update my journal, which took a couple of hours.

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