Visiting Easter Island (Land-Based)

Volcano Rano Kau and Orongo Village (continued)

A view of the restored ceremonial village at Orongo.  

The Orongo section of the park was first-class. There were several fully restored ceremonial houses, each made of hundreds of thin sheets and slabs of rock, neatly piled, then covered with slabs of rock and sod to produce a grassy roof. Each house had a single small entrance, not much bigger than a "pet door", that required crawling on your hands and knees (though you aren't permitted to enter any of the houses). The houses didn't have any windows, so the inside no doubt was very dark and damp and probably not very pleasant. One house was still in ruins so you could see what they looked like before restoration.

The tiny entrance into the house.

During the restoration of this house, a portion of the roof was left uncovered so you could look inside the house and observe construction details. It looks sturdy enough but not very comfortable.

This house was left unrestored. I suppose you could call it a "handyman special".  

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