Visiting Easter Island (Land-Based)

Ahu Akivi (The Seven Moai) (continued)

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A couple of tourists and their guides, obviously visiting on horseback.  

A view of the landscape looking south. The lumpy hill in the foreground is unnamed, but the big hill behind it is Maunga Tangaroa. This is the hill with the crosses on top, but they are too small to be seen in this small picture (I can see them in the full-size picture).  

A view of the landscape looking southwest from near Ahu Akivi. The two small hills in the foreground are unnamed on the map, but the big one in the middle is Maunga Roiho. A couple of pages ago, you saw Maunga Roiho from the other side. In the far background, at right you can see the ocean and at left Rano Kau.  

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