Visiting Isla Santa Cruz in the Galápagos Archipelago

Charles Darwin Research Station (continued)

This is how a marine iguana swims, by wriggling its body like a snake while keeping its limbs tucked alongside.   The same marine iguana climbing out of the water using the steps that are part of the concrete pier. I thought it looked like the Creature From the Black Lagoon—some kind of science fiction monster.

This marine iguana obligingly posed for a photograph.   Another marine iguana on the concrete pier.

This is what a marine iguana looks like in its natural element, on the volcanic rocks at the water's edge. The light colored patches are old dead skin peeling off, which happens when they grow bigger.   This smallish marine iguana was strolling down the concrete pier. I took this picture with the camera at ground level. The iguanas normally move slowly but if you get too close and they get worried they can scurry pretty quickly.

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