Visiting Isla Isabela in the Galápagos Archipelago

Volcano Trip On Horseback (continued)

Back at the stable, one of the stable hands unsaddles my horse.  

After hiking around the lava fields and volcano cones, we returned to the big tree at the trailhead and mounted our horses for the return trip. In some ways, it was easier going back, but I still just wanted to make it back in one piece. Although it stopped raining as we descended, we were all thoroughly soaked from the heavy rain. At one point it was actually a little chilly due to some wind, our wet clothes, and the cooler temperatures at altitude. By the time we got back to the stables my shoes were filled with water and squished when I walked. Richar figured that the horseback trip was eight kilometers each way, and the walking portion was two kilometers each way.

Antonio awaited us and we climbed into his truck and rode to the restaurant. Although we had ordered "lunch" it was now late afternoon so it was a very late lunch. They served hot sweet peppermint tea, chicken, rice with lentils, a salad of beans and corn, and yucca (which is white like potatoes but has the texture of sweet potatoes though it isn't sweet). The cost was $3.50 which was a little pricey since the meal didn't include juice or soup. After lunch/dinner, Antonio drove us back through town and dropped us off by the beach bar/restaurant. Although the agreed-upon price was $25 per person, I though it was a great adventure and good service so I tipped Richar an extra $5. When we got back to the boat, the warmth actually felt good (for a while). Everybody was feeling good after a long, active, and interesting day.

Loading up for the return trip down the volcano, heading back to the restaurant. You can't tell from the picture but everybody is pretty soggy; my shoes squished when I walked.  

Looking forward from inside the truck; you see one of the little girls and her mother.   On the way back, we stopped to take bird pictures. This is the best picture I have of a vermillion flycatcher; it's unfortunately not a very good picture. He never came very close, so this picture uses maximum analog and digital zoom.

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