Visiting Isla Isabela in the Galápagos Archipelago

Volcano Trip On Horseback (continued)

The story continues after this page of pictures.

Here we are back at the restaurant, drying off in preparation for a late lunch. (This is one of my favorite pictures.)  

The restaurant's driveway, as seen from the road. The grounds were meticulously maintained.   A view of the restaurant from the other side, where they had a small sandy soccer field. David and Marcie are standing in front, and one of the little girls is on the stairs.

The huge "tree house" tree with a grove of banana trees in the background.   More trees; these are merely big rather than huge.

A horse and a couple of dogs along the road in front of the restaurant. All the animals are skinny since they have to scrounge for food.   The interior of the restaurant.

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