Visiting Isla Santa Cruz in the Galápagos Archipelago

Inland Tour (continued)

Walking along a trail in another part of the farm.   José pointed out this plant which was a coffee tree with some coffee beans.

Galapagos star spider, Gasteracantha servillei. The one that's hanging overhead looked like a UFO coming in for a landing as we walked underneath.

We stopped briefly while driving back from the farm and I snapped this landscape photograph. You can just make out the ocean on the horizon.  

Close to town, we stopped at another lava tunnel. Marcie and David went in but I stayed in the entrance. Notice the proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel"—this was only a short tunnel.  

After our very interesting tour, José dropped us off in-town at a restaurant where we had a four-course lunch for $3 each. Although some of it was tasty, I thought the meat was poor quality and basically inedible. After lunch we walked over to the internet cafe, then we hit a few souvenir shops. On the way back to the landing we stopped at the Post Office and Marcie tried to buy stamps, but surprisingly they didn't have any. Marcie managed to buy a few stamps at the shop next-door, but all the stamps looked like they had been peeled off envelopes. The last stop was the town supermarket which is right across from the landing. They had basic items but prices were quite a bit higher than the mainland.

Although the inland tour was very interesting and we saw some natural areas, the island as a whole can hardly be considered a pristine natural area. So much of the landscape has been adversely affected by the careless hand of man. There might be vestiges of the pre-development all-natural environment, but only vestiges. These vestiges avoid development or overuse only through the stringent protection of the national park, very necessary protection given the thousands of people who live here and the tens of thousands who visit yearly.

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