Second Shakedown Cruise

Cruising Back To Annapolis

Friday, May 18, 2007

This is the last day of our second shakedown cruise, so we'll be heading back to Annapolis so I can hop off and head home.

Although the surroundings seemed peaceful enough, last night was a little rolly from wakes working their way into Whitehall Bay. Frequently when the boat rolled, the snubber would rattle the chain on the bow roller, making an audible clunk that was very annoying to Jerome in the V-berth. This morning, we went on deck and tried leading the snubber over the second bow roller while leaving the chain on the first bow roller. Hopefully, this will prevent the clunking noise.

We both had some packing to do; I packed my bags and Jerome packed his laundry bag and shower bag, plus two bags of trash. Jerome is planning to take a mooring in Annapolis Harbor, so he'll go ashore to do some chores.

The morning weather felt almost like November: very cool, breezy, overcast, with occasional sprinkles. We motored out of Whitehall Bay, through an infestation of crab pots, and into the Severn. On our way up the Severn, a big Valiant sailboat came up behind us and passed close by.

We had no trouble getting a mooring close to the dinghy dock by the Naval Academy, then Jerome lowered the dinghy, we loaded all our stuff (quite a bit), and Jerome rowed us over to the dock. The plan was for me to take a cab back to my marina, so we walked over to the foot of Main Street where there's a taxi stand, but—no taxis. I even called a couple of taxi companies, but they were all busy (it was lunch hour).

Instead of waiting around, I decided to catch the Annapolis Transit bus that goes over to Eastport. So I lugged my luggage up Main Street to the bus stop on Church Circle, but that turned out to be a stop for busses going the other direction. So I lugged everything halfway down Duke of Gloucester Street, where I found the correct bus stop. The city busses never seem to run on time, so it was a long wait, but the bus finally came and took me over to the Giant shopping center on Edgewood Road (the closest I can get to my marina). I've used this bus stop before and the walk to/from the marina never seemed bad (1.1 miles), but the other times I wasn't hauling luggage. At least the cool day made the effort more tolerable. The funny thing is, Jerome later told me that cabs showed up downtown shortly after I left, so I should have waited.

So that's the end of our shakedown cruises on Chesapeake Bay, which, by and large, were quite successful. We tried out all the gadgets and gizmos, found a bunch of problems (major and minor), and had a lot of fun cruising around the bay on a very nice sailboat.

Jerome is planning to sail to Oxford and hang out there for a while. It's not only a nice place to visit, but he also has access to a skilled workforce at various boatyards to help repair the problems we found. Once the boat is ready, and once the weather is suitable, the plan is to head up to New York City.

The story continues in the next section.

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