Sailing To New York City

Planning A Voyage To New York City

Click on the picture to display an overall chart for our voyage from Annapolis to New York City. (109 kb) Use your browser's "back" command to return here.  

Our overall voyage wound up being from Back Creek in Annapolis, MD, to Liberty Landing Marina in Jersey City, NJ. Depending on your preferences, there are a few ways to make the trip, including variations on a theme:

The following table shows our daily runs and where we stopped each night. Distances are from the chart rather than the GPS and are straight-line distances (extra mileage from tacking was ignored).

DayDateMileageWhere We Stopped
1Sunday, June 1760 ydsMoored on Back Creek, Annapolis, near Bert Jabin's Yacht Yard
2Monday, June 184.3 nmAnchored in Whitehall Bay, near Annapolis
3Tuesday, June 1940.9 nmAnchored in the Elk River, at the head of the bay across from Cabin John Creek (which is just south of the Bohemia River)
4Wednesday, June 2075.5 nmAnchored in Breakwater Harbor near Cape Henlopen, Delaware
5Thursday, June 21*Overnight passage, at sea off the New Jersey coast
6Friday, June 22128.5 nm**Anchored in Absecon Inlet by Atlantic City, New Jersey
7Saturday, June 230Anchored in Absecon Inlet by Atlantic City, New Jersey (layover day)
8Sunday, June 2481.7 nmAnchored off Sandy Hook, New Jersey
9Monday, June 2516.3 nmTransient dockage at Liberty Landing Marina, Jersey City, NJ
Total mileage347.2 nm(estimated from chart)

* Mileage included in next day's total.
** This mileage is much greater than the distance from Breakwater Harbor to Atlantic City, because we actually got halfway to New York City before we turned around and went back to Atlantic City.

When you're planning a trip, it helps to have all the relevant charts at hand. Below, I have a link to a list of all applicable charts for this trip, plus a link to download them from the internet, for free. It's also useful to read about the trip in the Coast Pilots; they describe the various waterways, ports, and anchorages. The Coast Pilots also discuss special navigation regulations that might be unfamiliar to you. I have links to the relevant volumes, below.

I'll tell you about each leg of the trip in the following sections.

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