Sailing To New York City

Preparing For The Trip

Click on the picture to display a chart for the Back Creek mooring field where we spent the first night of our Annapolis to New York voyage. (80 kb) Use your browser's "back" command to return here.  

After spending some time on the Eastern Shore in Oxford, Jerome spent last night at anchor in Whitehall Bay, near Annapolis. He called me Saturday night to go over the plan for the next few days. As expected, we need to knock off a few chores before we can leave for New York.

Jerome mentioned that he invited a second crew person to join us for the trip, a fellow sailboat cruiser named Jesse Silvers. As an aside, Jerome told me that Jesse owns a boat just like mine, a Fast Passage 39 cutter. This is an amazing coincidence, since there were very few built (perhaps a few dozen, mostly by Philbrooks, but only a few by Tollycraft like mine and Jesse's).

Anyway, Jerome wants to pick me up on Sunday morning to get started with chores, but Jesse is only available starting Monday morning. We plan to wait until Monday to make our big provisioning trip, since the three of us can then go to Whole Foods and pick out things we all like.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday morning, Jerome called to say he was heading over to my marina to pick me up, but I wasn't all packed yet and hadn't even taken my shower. He said he'd motor slowly, and I hightailed it over to the bathhouse. When I got back to my boat, I threw everything in my bags and walked over to the work dock at the marina.

When Jerome showed up a few minutes later, he didn't even tie up to the dock, so I heaved my stuff on deck and climbed aboard. After we shoved off, Jerome was going to head back to the Whitehall Bay anchorage, but he tarried by the marina pondering the logic of this decision. We'd only have to come all the way back tomorrow morning to pick up Jesse, so wouldn't it make more sense just to hang on a mooring here in Back Creek? We couldn't think of any reason not to stay here and Jerome was willing to spend the $25, so we motored literally just yards from the marina and picked up a city mooring. It was pretty funny starting our New York voyage with a day's run of only 60 yards.

A catamaran neighbor in the mooring field on Back Creek. The boats at left are at Port Annapolis Marina, the next marina down the creek from Bert Jabin's.   This is the well-known water tower on Back Creek, between Port Annapolis and Bert Jabin's. There's a small city park surrounding the water tower, Back Creek Nature Park.

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