Sailing To New York City

Preparing For The Trip (continued)

A small portion of Bert Jabin's Yacht Yard, as seen from the city mooring field in the cove just off the marina. The work dock is at the right side of the picture.  

Monday, June 18, 2007

This morning we were up early since it will be a very busy day. Jerome had arranged with Bert Jabin's to tie up at the work dock for half a day while we go ashore to run errands (they were nice enough to charge him only half the usual transient dockage rate). So after firing up the engine, we dropped the mooring and motored to the work dock, where we started basic chores while waiting for Jesse (fill water tanks, throw out trash, etc.).

When Jesse arrived, introductions were made, then we all took off in my car to have a sociable breakfast at Grump's Cafe. This turned out to be a tasty first stop, plus Grump's is in the same shopping center as West Marine (Bay Ridge Plaza). At West Marine, Jerome bought some equipment and supplies (including a new oil-change pump), then we hit the nearby True Value Hardware for a couple of things. After that, we headed over to Whole Foods and spent quite a while jointly picking out several days worth of high-class provisions. Then to a liquor store in downtown Annapolis for authentic ginger beer from Bermuda, so Jerome could later make "Dark and Stormies" for his friends in Jersey City who are making their marina slip available to him. After a quick stop at Fawcett's for a generator spark plug, we drove over to the Giant for a few more shopping bags of provisions. When we got back to the boat and unloaded the car, we observed that we had a ton of food!

While we were still at the dock, we used the new oil-change pump to change the oil—this time, things went much better. Jesse was very familiar with the pump (he has one on his boat), so he and Jerome made short work of the oil change. I helped out by driving over to Port Annapolis to dump the waste oil into their big collection tank.

With the pre-trip chores completed and all three of us aboard, we are finally ready to leave on our voyage to New York City. The story continues on the next page.

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