First Shakedown Cruise

Preparing For The First Shakedown Cruise (continued)

Here are a few pictures of Annapolis Harbor:

Boats moored in Annapolis Harbor, as seen from Pilgrim. The Naval Academy is in the background.   The sailboat Cracker Jack moored in the harbor, with the docks of Annapolis Yacht Club in the background.

The Chart House Restaurant, a popular Eastport eatery.  

We wound up working on one project today: making a special wire for the generator. Jerome just bought a brand-new 2000-watt Honda portable generator, a terrific piece of equipment. We need to make a special wire to connect the generator's AC output to the boat's shore power input. We bought all the necessary pieces during today's shopping spree, and after a little messing around in the cockpit, we had the wire cut to length and the connectors affixed. We're not going to use the generator today, though.

The shakedown cruise will start tomorrow, so we discussed our schedule. Jerome is planning to give up the mooring in the morning and motor over to my marina to take on water and pick me up. Since I have an event to photograph this Saturday, he promised to bring me back some time Friday. With a rough plan in place, Jerome rowed me back to shore and I drove back to my boat to pack for the trip.

Click on the picture to launch Google Maps and display an annotated map of Annapolis Harbor, showing some nearby points of interest. Use your browser's "back" command to return here.   Click on the picture to display a chart for Annapolis Harbor, Spa Creek, and Back Creek. (191 kb) Use your browser's "back" command to return here.

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The next three pages show some pictures of Pilgrim, after which the story resumes.

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