Sailing To New York City

Sailing To The Mouth Of Delaware Bay

Looking back over the flat marshes bordering the Delaware River at the last bridge crossing the C & D Canal. This one carries Delaware Route 9 to Delaware City, which is about a mile north of the canal (to the right, in the picture).  

As we motored out of the mouth of the canal, the waters of the Delaware River were slightly choppy with small waves, presumably due to conflicting currents. Right away, we saw a big ship heading up the river, and we saw lots of other traffic during the day. Delaware Bay was much busier than Chesapeake Bay, at least when it came to commercial traffic. On the other hand, I don't think we saw a single recreational fishing boat during the whole trip down Delaware Bay, something that would never happen on Chesapeake Bay.

There were plenty of other interesting comparisons to Chesapeake Bay:

Overall, as a Chesapeake Bay cruiser, I was quite surprised and disappointed by the slim pickings on Delaware Bay. It would be fair to say that I won't be sailing Sunspot up here any time soon.

I have lots of pictures of ships on Delaware Bay, so the next nine pages are mostly pictures, after which the story continues.

A container ship comes down the river, while a recreational trawler plows its way up the river, heading into the wind and tide.  

A closer view of the ship, Cap Van Diemen; there are more pictures on the next page.   Buoy 5R, just over five miles down the river from the canal.

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