Sailing To New York City

Sailing To The Mouth Of Delaware Bay (continued)

The container ship Cap Saray didn't run us over after all. The ship was built in 2004, is 680.4 feet long, 97.8 feet wide, and displaces 33,900 tons. I took this picture on June 20, and on July 5, Cap Saray rescued a French cruiser whose sailboat became dismasted and capsized in a storm about 500 miles west of England. To read the interesting account, follow the internet link, below.  

Two views of the bow of Cap Saray. Click on the right-hand picture to see a bigger version; use your browser's "back" command to return here.


The flotilla of Navy training ships passed by heading upriver just as Cap Saray passed going the other direction. As each training ship motored through Cap Saray's wake, the bow made a big splash.

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