Sailing To New York City

Sailing To The Mouth Of Delaware Bay (continued)

In general, today was a rather tedious day but not unpleasantly so. By early afternoon, the weather had greatly improved from the morning's damp gloom.

This is what passes for scenery on Delaware Bay: a massive nuclear power plant. When I looked it up on the internet, I discovered that it's actually two power plants. The first plant (Hope Creek) has a single reactor, the second plant (Salem) has two reactors.  

Now Jesse looks like a happier camper, as we leave the nuclear power plant behind.   The tug Baltic Sea pushing a fuel barge up the Delaware River. Baltic Sea is 101 feet long, 30 feet wide, hails from New York City, and was built in 1973 in Louisiana. In another picture (not on my web site), I can see the barge name as KTC 60, which carries 61,638 barrels (2,588,796 gallons) of petroleum products.

Sailing down Delaware Bay, with a view from the cockpit looking forward, and a view from the foredeck looking aft.

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