Sailing To New York City

Sailing To The Mouth Of Delaware Bay (continued)

The ship Margit Gorthon heading out to sea. The ship is 463.7 feet long, 71.2 feet wide, displaces 20,558 tons, and was built in 1977. The ship can carry general cargo, but specializes in carrying large rolls of paper for newsprint. Click on either picture to see a bigger version; use your browser's "back" command to return here.


Brown Shoal Light, which is at the south end of the Delaware Bay shipping channel. Once you pass this shoal heading south, the natural channel widens to 2.5 miles or so all the way to the mouth of the bay. The deep water persists right up to Cape Henlopen, but extensive shoals trail south of Cape May. Even though the distance between the capes is nearly 10 miles, there is less than three miles of reliably deep water, all close to Cape Henlopen. Since Brown Shoal Light is not an actual lighthouse, I wasn't able to find any good information about it online.  

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