First Shakedown Cruise

Jerome's Sailboat Pilgrim (continued)

Here are some interior pictures:

This picture is taken from the doorway of the aft cabin looking into the saloon. In the foreground is part of the galley countertop. The engine is located a couple of feet beneath this countertop, with access to the rear of the engine through the visible locker door, and access to the front of the engine by removing the settee seat cushion just forward of the countertop. Towards the left side you can see the shiny mast compression post, which passes through the folded drop-leaf table.   Looking through the saloon into the forward cabin. The port settee is visible at left. Unlike my boat which has water tanks under the settees, Pilgrim has huge drawers under the settees (the water tanks are under the floorboards).

Galley countertop and sink, with microwave oven under the paper towel holder. The galley has lots of storage space and lots of countertop.   The propane stove (three burners plus oven), with the refrigerator/freezer at right. In addition to top access, the refrigerator also has a front door to access the lower part of the reefer. There are more lockers to the right of the reefer countertop.

The nav station, located to port across from the galley and just forward of the aft cabin.   Standing in the saloon, looking aft into the aft cabin. In the left foreground, you can see part of the L-shaped settee, and at the extreme lower right, you can see a piece of the port settee. In the left background, you can see the rather steep companionway ladder leading up to the cockpit.

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