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[Overview of Four Corners monument.]   [Closer view of the plaza.]
Overview of the Four Corners site; the people are standing on the monument plaza.   Each quadrant of the plaza has the state's name and official seal (clockwise from lower left: Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico).

[Surveyor's benchmark.]  
This is a close-up view of the surveyor's benchmark in the center of the plaza.  

This site is the only place in America where four states come together at a point: Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. There is a handsome granite plaza with a bronze surveyor's benchmark embedded at the exact meeting point. If you stand on the bronze benchmark, you can actually be in four states at the same time.

The Four Corners monument is on the reservation of the Navajo Nation, although both Navajo and Ute people live in the area. In a demonstration center at the monument, artisans and craftspeople from both Indian nations sell handmade jewelry, crafts, and traditional foods. The Four Corners monument is located 40 miles southwest of Cortez, Colorado, west of US Highway 160.

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