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[Pile of gear for a day trip]   [Hull and frames]
The pile of gear required for a day trip. The three big bags in the front are, left to right, the hull bag, the frame and seat bag, and the "long pieces" bag (including the paddle). Also in the gear pile: the disassembled boat cart, a red PFD, a canvas bag full of accessories and clothes, and a small green bag containing the rudder components.   This shows the contents of the hull and frame bags. The hull is still folded-up with the hypalon bottom material showing. In front of the pile of frames you can see the seat and backrest.

[Long pieces for the Klepper] [Partially assembled frame]

In the left picture, you see the contents of the "long pieces" bag. From left to right, the four hinged gunwales (the sides of the frame), the two keelboards (the bottom), the cockpit coaming (with its metal fitting at the bottom of the picture), a bundle of rods and other small pieces, and finally the take-apart paddle.

In the right picture, you see the partially-assembled frame next to the hull. The key to getting the frame inside the hull is to assemble the frame in two halves, bow and stern, as shown. Each half is slipped into the hull through the cockpit opening. Once inside the hull, the two halves of the frame are connected using interlocking brackets. You can see the gunwales (sides) flopping around a bit in this picture because they are hinged in the middle. The hinge allows the interlocking mechanism to work once the frame halves are inside the hull.

[Bow fitting]   [Frame clip]
This shows the bow fitting, where a gunwale (side) connects to the bowpiece. At the top of the bowpiece, the red fitting is where the deckbar connects to the bowpiece. All fittings slide or clip together without using any tools or nuts or bolts.   This shows a clip, where the gunwale (side) connects to one of the ribs that defines the shape of the hull.

[Stern half of frame inside hull]   [Interlocking mechanism]
This shows the stern half of the frame inserted into the hull.   This shows the interlocking mechanism that connects the two halves of the frame. Looking down into the cockpit opening, you see the two keelboards interlocking; you press the keelboards down until they lie flat. Along one side, you see two gunwales interlocking; you press the gunwales out ("down" in the picture) until they become nearly straight (the side of the boat is actually slightly curved). The other two interlocking gunwales are out of view under the blue deck fabric at the top of the picture.

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