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[Ocean from Mattole Road]   [New bridge at Bridgeville]
One day we drove out Mattole Road from Route 101 towards Honeydew and Petrolia. This is the view of the ocean from Mattole Road as it leaves the hills and begins following the ocean. Mattole Road eventually goes back up into the hills and comes out in Ferndale.   This is the new bridge at Bridgeville, where Route 36 crosses the Van Duzen River.

[Ferndale buildings]   [Flagpole at Arcata Square]
This is my one picture of Ferndale. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to wander around and take lots of pictures—Ferndale is definitely a very photogenic town.   This is a picture of Arcata Square, in the middle of downtown Arcata.

[Eureka boardwalk]   [Dinosaur-bird sculpture]
This is a detail of the tourist boardwalk along the downtown Eureka waterfront. The boardwalk area is still under development.   In the Fortuna neighborhood, a local artist had a sculpture garden with some interesting metallic creatures. This one looked like a dinosaur-bird to me. There were also some big metallic flowers growing in the garden.

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