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We visited friends in Orleans, a rural hamlet in the wooded mountains near the eastern boundary of Humboldt County. They had a lovely secluded home overlooking the Klamath River.

We stayed overnight at their house, and I took some evening and night pictures. After the moon set, the stars were brilliant and the Milky Way was very easy to see, a real treat for a big-city dweller like me. I tried taking pictures of the stars, with limited success. There were two technical problems: First, I didn't have a tripod, so I propped-up the camera on the roof of a car in the driveway. Second, the longest exposure the camera can take is 30 seconds, and star pictures usually require much longer exposures. When I downloaded the pictures from the camera to my computer, the stars were barely visible. However, I was able to extract a surprising amount of additional detail by tweaking the pictures using a photo processing program (by increasing the gamma). The results were much better, although still not as good as a film camera on a tripod.

[Orleans homesite]   [Homesite at night]
This is their home, which overlooks the Klamath River.   To get this time-exposure night picture of the house, I propped-up the camera in the bird bath (which luckily didn't have any water in it).

[Moonset]   [Stars in the sky]
Just after sunset, the just-past new moon started to set. I took this picture with the camera propped-up on the railing of their deck, since I didn't have a tripod.   Stars in the sky over their driveway.

[Roadside tree]   [Roadside pond]
I went for a walk along the main road to Orleans (Route 96) and saw this interesting tree.   This pond was along the road, on the side opposite the tree (and river).

[Reeds in the pond]  
Reeds in the roadside pond.  

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