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[Redwood grove]  
A redwood grove off the Avenue Of The Giants.  

No visit to Northern California would be complete without visiting the redwoods. This is the best place in the world to see them, and we saw lots of them. There are several parks that have major redwood groves, but one of the most accessible groves is in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, off Route 101 south of Scotia. A very popular road runs right through the groves; the road is nicknamed the Avenue Of The Giants in honor of the redwoods.

Just west of the Avenue Of The Giants, off Mattole Road on Bull Creek, the Rockefeller Forest provides more splendid examples of redwoods. This forest has been called "one of the finest forests in the world"—to walk through it is to walk through a natural cathedral.

[Redwood grove]   [Redwood grove]
More redwood groves. The left picture is from the Avenue Of The Giants, the right is from the Rockefeller Forest.

[Ferns and wood sorrel]   [Big fallen redwood log]
In the redwood groves, much of the forest floor was covered with a blanket of ferns and wood sorrel.   This enormous fallen redwood log was hollow at the bottom.

[Redwood grove]  
Walking through the Rockefeller Forest.  

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