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The next afternoon, we went to a swimming hole on the Salmon River, up in the mountains northeast of Orleans.

[Salmon River]   [Salmon River]
This is the Salmon River, looking upstream from a bridge (you'll see the bridge in a later picture).   This is the river, looking downstream from the bridge. You can see Wooley Creek joining the Salmon River.

[Salmon River bridge]   [Wooley Creek overlook]
This is the underside of the bridge, viewed from the trail to the riverbank swimming hole.   After we left the swimming hole, we drove a short distance into the mountains to a point that overlooked Wooley Creek.

[Water snake in river]   [Black Jack]
At one point, we saw a water snake swimming in the river at the swimming hole.   The people we were visiting in Orleans had a dog named Black Jack, or just Jack for short. He liked to go swimming, too.

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