[Fast Passage 39 Layout Diagram]

Fast Passage 39 Layout

  1. Equipment space - Steering system, autopilot components, refrigeration components, etc. all underneath cockpit.
  2. Aft berth - Theoretically a double, but in fact a spacious single. House bank batteries, exhaust system, and storage space underneath.
  3. Crawl space - To access equipment space from aft cabin, goes under cockpit.
  4. Aft cabin sole - Shaft and stuffing box below, easily accessible.
  5. Bureau - With two drawers. Bureau is removable, with engine underneath.
  6. Plumbing space - Hot water heater and holding tank, underneath cockpit.
  7. Sail locker - Large locker for bulky items. 7A is a commodious locker behind the companionway steps, which must be lifted out of the way to access the locker. The starting battery is at the bottom of the locker.
  8. Seat for navigation station - Storage underneath.
  9. Chart table - With chart storage underneath, plus two drawers and one small locker. Narrow strip forward of chart table is wiring chase in bulkhead for DC and AC electrical panels.
  10. Head lockers - Large locker with sliding plexiglass doors above, very large locker with shelf and three doors below.
  11. Shower pan - Toilet to left, marble vanity with sink in front of lockers, storage under vanity and sink.
  12. Galley counter - With wide drawer and engine underneath. Further to port are double stainless steel sinks with locker and plumbing underneath. Further to port is the pot locker.
  13. Galley lockers - Two large lockers with sliding plexiglass doors. Stove is in front of lockers, with small amount of storage under stove. Three drawers and one small locker to left of stove under counter.
  14. Refrigerator - Room for big refrigerator box, with central divider and two-panel hinged cover.
  15. Storage outboard of settees - Several large shelves above, three large lockers behind seatback of each settee.
  16. Port settee - Large water tank below, also storage in L-section. In my boat, the port settee is the "garage", and is covered with toolboxes and toolbins. For now, these items are just too big and too inconvenient to store elsewhere. When underway, I also store the folding bicycle here, on top of the toolbins. Everything is tied down to numerous eyestraps.
  17. Drop-leaf table - Shown fully open, with storage in center compartment. Mast is just aft of table.
  18. Starboard settee - Large water tank below, also some storage. This settee can be used as a sea berth with leecloth. Propane cabin heater is mounted on bulkhead at aft end of settee.
  19. Drawers - Three drawers and one locker in forward cabin.
  20. Hanging locker - I have installed some shelves.
  21. V-berth - Fuel tank under central section, storage lockers outboard and aft of fuel tank. I treat one berth as a storage area for big things that don't fit anywhere else, like the seats and transom for the Portabote dinghy. There is a removable small cushion that fills in the missing space at the head of the berths.
  22. Shelves above each berth.
  23. Chain locker - With door at foot of berth.
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