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[Overall view of Sunspot]

Overall view of Sunspot. The item along the lifelines next to the dodger is a folded-up 10' Portabote dinghy. Just visible on the cap rail near the stern is a folded-up removable boarding ladder. Since Sunspot has a canoe stern with a windvane, dinghy boarding is via the removable ladder attached to the caprail by either lifeline gate. I carry three jugs on each side of the coachroof; from left to right: gas, drinking water, diesel.

[Another overall view of Sunspot]

Another overall view of Sunspot. Notice how much the windvane sticks out from the stern. This is necessary for proper operation, but it makes it vulnerable to getting hit by boats entering or leaving nearby slips. In three years, the windvane has been hit at least three times. Two of the times, the sacrificial break-away tube was bent and had to be replaced. Why don't I back into the slip? The boat maneuvers very poorly when backing—I would probably wind up dinging the windvane myself!

[Bow view of Sunspot]

Bow view of Sunspot. Two other vulnerable items are the bow running lights that stick out from the pulpit. If you have to turn sharply when entering or leaving the slip, the light fixtures can hit the pilings. The yellow wire leading over the bow pulpit is my shore power cord.

[Stern view of Sunspot]

Stern view of Sunspot. The Fast Passage 39 has a very shapely stern; this picture doesn't really do it justice.

[View of Sunspot's mast and rigging]

View of Sunspot's mast and rigging. On the mast, just above the inner forestay, is the Dantronics UFO FM/TV antenna. Below the inner forestay is the Firdell Blipper radar reflector. You can see the spinnaker pole stored against the mast. To climb up the mast steps, I start out forward of the mast. There is one low mast step, then I climb on the winches. I swing around behind the mast (stepping on the boom), then climb the rest of the way aft of the mast. I wear a harness attached to a climbing ascender riding on a halliard.

[Another mast and rigging view]

Another mast and rigging view. The mast steps are by Pace-Edwards.


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