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[Interior view, companionway ladder]

Interior view, companionway ladder. To the left of the companionway ladder is the sail locker. Next to the locker is the screen for the companionway. Forward of the sail locker is the seat for the nav station. To the right of the companionway ladder is the aft cabin. There is a good-sized locker behind the companionway ladder, and below the companionway ladder.

[Interior view, nav station and sail locker]

Interior view, nav station and sail locker. When you sit at the nav station, the side of the coachroof is very close to your head. Note the strip of cushion material to protect your head in case you're getting tossed about. On the nav station seat is a Rubbermaid tub for paper, envelopes, and other supplies.

[Interior view, top of sail locker]

Interior view, top of sail locker. At top-left is a Guest satellite EPIRB. I have a piece of clear tape on the switch so it isn't accidentally activated. Below the EPIRB is an old Magellan GPS that is the backup to the backup (the third GPS on the boat). To the right of the EPIRB is the DC power adapter for the old GPS. Just below the old GPS is the holder for the handheld VHF (I keep it in the cockpit when underway). At right, below the hand hold, is the old Alpha 2000 autopilot heading dial. The Alpha 2000 was fried when Sunspot got hit by lightning. This area now contains the rectangular control box for a new Alpha 3000 autopilot.

[Interior view, nav station]

Interior view, nav station. Above the nav station seat is a cabinet containing the Alpha 2000 autopilot control box and the log and night-light control for the knotmeter. After the Alpha 2000 got fried by a lightning hit, I left the control box in-place just to fill the hole in the panel. The Alpha 3000 has a different configuration, and the control box is by the companionway (because it has the heading dial built-in). On the forward face of the sail locker are the two min/max thermometers—one mercury and one digital (which also does indoor/outdoor).

[Interior view, chart table and electrical panels]

Interior view, chart table and electrical panels. The chart table has two storage areas under the top—the big area for charts and a small cubby on the right side. You can see the finger hole to remove the cubby lid near the papers in the corner. There are also some drawers on the left side, below the chart table. You can just see one drawer in the bottom-left of the picture.

[Interior view, electrical panels]

Interior view, electrical panels. The DC and AC panels are somewhat mediocre. The DC panel doesn't have enough breakers, and the wiring is not very robust. There are a number of additional DC circuits that run off of fuse blocks inside the wiring chase; access is difficult. The AC panel has a 100A meter, despite the fact that the AC service is only 30A. Plus the meter scale is nonlinear, so most AC loads barely budge the ammeter. In the lower-right corner, above the papers, is the water tank gauge, which still works well. Above it, but out of sight behind the fan, is the fuel gauge, which doesn't work (I dip the tank with a sounding rod). Between the cell phone and the Plastimo compass is the 150A circuit breaker for the windlass.


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